Design professionals are one of the most important factors of our success. Our journey together starts with a meeting to get to know you and the type of projects or clients you work with. After that, we’ll provide you with access to our full range of catalogs and look books, allowing you to order exclusive rugs and accessories.

 At Arya’s Rugs, We offer a large selection of high-quality rugs and carpets in our store. When it comes to shopping for a rug, 90% of consumers have zero experience and knowledge about how to choose it. We are here to help you.

Our inventory is large and consists of millions of rugs and accessories.

high-quality rugs and carpets in our store.

Our inventory is large and consists of millions of rugs and accessories.

Welcome to Arya rugs.accessories, we offer exclusive furniture collections, contemporary and modern furniture, exciting home decor, lighting, and accessories. As a consumer or professional, your satisfaction as a customer is our priority.

Premium quality furniture.

Outstanding customer service.

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At Arya we offer you full support and work with you to make your projects a remarkable success. Together, we will deliver a dream come true to your customers, giving every single living space a unique allure of it’s own. We invite you to contact us now so we can get to know you and give you secure access to the full range of products found in our catalogs.

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C’est un réel plaisir de collaborer avec Arya Tapis et Accessoires. Ils ont des tapis de qualité superbes! Ce sont toujours les tapis provenant de chez Arya que je recommande à mes clients. Tant au niveau des couleurs que des motifs, il y a des choix tendance pour tous les goûts. Le service est également impeccable.


C'est toujours magnifique de compléter mes projets avec les tapis chez ARYA grâce à la grande variété de tapis moderne haute gamme disponible en stock. le service est impeccable et rapide.


"Working with ARYA was a great pleasure ! Large choice of products for all styles even for the most critical designs. Working with a budget, coordinating all cuts and surging based on specific dimensions, delivering to the client, they are all exemples of the great service we have at ARYA. A great experience that we recommend, thank you."

- Domaine NYMARK , (Copropriété Hôtelière)